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NOTE: Much of my client work is protected by non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and cannot be shared.


4 Benefits of Taking a “Coffee Nap”

7 Tips for Grandparents to Prevent Feeling Taken Advantage of

8 Surprising Food and Drinks That Have High Salt

9 Thrifty Tips and Gift Ideas to Survive the Holidays on a Budget

6 Tips for Buying Holiday Gifts for the Grandkids

Medicare if You’re in Prison: What to Know

Turning Your Hobby into Income: Real-Life Success Stories and Tips for You

What’s a Blue Zone: 9 Tips to Bring Blue Zone Benefits to Your Life Now

What is the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) for Medicare in Simple Terms?

Ditch the Lawn: 8 Lawn Substitutes You’ll Love

One Chip Challenge: How to Keep Your Family Safe on TikTok

How Life Insurance Can Help Ensure Financial Security

What’s a Life Insurance Underwriter?

How to Know When Drinking Too Much Water is Dangerous

Demystifying Expiration Dates: Is It Safe to Use Medicine and Food Beyond Their Expiration Date?

6 Tips for Caring for Pets in Retirement

Is the RV Life Right For You?

5 Tips to Save Money on Groceries & Household Essentials

Tina Turner’s Biggest Health Regret You Can Learn From

These 4 Self-Exams May Save Your Life

Feeling Achy or Off? 6 Seasonal Allergy Symptoms You Need to Know About

5 Free and Easy Ways to Work Exercise Into Your Day

Is Your Beneficiary on Medicaid? Learn What it Means for Inheritance

7 Nutritious Foods That Won’t Break the Bank



Why Wearing a Medic Alert is Important

5 Foods to Try on the Grill This Summer

Migraine and Headaches: What to Know to And How to Help

8 Tips to Improve Your Posture

Thinking of Becoming an Organ Donor? Key Things to Know

Understanding Your Credit Score

Which Medicare Plans Cover Foreign Travel?

Does Medicare Cover Dental Care?

​5 Common Part-Time Jobs for Retirees

Tips for Safely Enjoying the Outdoors This Spring

Strengthening the Parent-Child Relationship in Retirement

5 Lifestyle Changes to Help Brain Health in Retirement

7 Tips for Living With Aging Parents — and Getting the Most Out of It

Tips for Maintaining Healthy Family Relationships During Retirement

Is an RV Retirement Right for You? Here Are 5 Things to Consider

7 New Year's Resolutions for the Newly Retired

A Primer for Living in a Multigenerational Household

5 Activities for Seniors to Stay Healthy in Retirement


Packing Up the Memories: Two Stories of Selling the Childhood Home

Trusted Contacts: Why They’re Important and 5 Reasons to Have One

Cancer Prevention Month: Lessons from King Charles III’s Unexpected Diagnosis

5 Ways to Support Black-Owned Businesses

8 Activities for Adults When the Weather Turns Cold

9 Things I Learned During My Senior Parent’s Crisis That Can Help You Now

9 Tips for Dating Later in Life

9 Steps to Create an Emergency Contact & Preparedness Plan

The LGBTQ+ Movement: A Journey of Pride, Progress and Financial Considerations

We’re Not All Martha Stewarts: Social Frailty in Older Adults Comes With Health Risks

Social Security’s Full Benefits Age is Moving from 65 to 67: What to Know

Take Melatonin Gummies for Sleep? You May be in for a Surprise

Tornadoes, Snow, Water Bans and More: 11 Tips to Prepare for Emergencies

Passport Delays Are Increasing: What You Can Do

For Black and African Americans Insurance Inequities Remain But Changes are Happening

CTE & Your Brain: How Hard Lessons from the NFL Might Help You or Someone You Love

Generation X: The Silent Power in the Marketplace

Ready to Pull a Prince Harry? 11 Tips to Resolve Family Conflict

Holiday Heart Syndrome: The Common Ailment You’ve Never Heard of

7 Tips for Safe Holiday Online Shopping

9 Tips to Destress Your Holiday Gatherings

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Early Detection Is Key…Just Ask Katie Couric

The Importance of Financial Literacy for the Latinx Community

Dementia is on the Rise: How it Impacts You and Your Financial Decisions

The Cost of Insulin is Soaring: Will Medicare Pay? What You Need to Know

10 Tips to Stay Cool, Save Energy (and Money!) During the Summer Heat

Pride Month and Upholding Commitments for Inclusivity

The Changing Face of Retirement: Fulfillment Through Working Longer

How to Cope with National Tragedy: 5 Ways to Help Process It

Mental Health Awareness Month: How to Know (and Help) When It’s Just Too Much

How Multi-Generational Financial Literacy Impacts Retirement Planning

Don’t Let Inflation Get You Down: Tips to Save and Generate Income in Retirement

Trending Netflix Shows Give Real World Attention to Importance of Protecting Yourself Against Hackers


4 Simple Ways to Prioritize Your Health

6 Summer Staycation Ideas for Retirees

6 Tasks to Do Around the House for Summer

Alcohol: How Much is Too Much?

Insomnia: Could It Be Something More?

February is American Heart Month: Know Your Numbers

Caring for an Adult Child with Disabilities

When Hoarding is a Problem: 4 Tips to Help Your Loved One

Tips for Clearing Out the Home of a Loved One

Having the Talk: Planning for End of Life 

When Your Partner Can No Longer Drive: 5 Tips to Help 

6 Office Organization Tips to Make Retirement Easier 

7 Travel Tips for Successfully Traveling Solo 

What Household Chores to Outsource Now 

The Process of Working with an Agent for Medicare Planning




Aviso Blog

ACCO Brands CEO Boris Elisman 

Nexkey CEO Eric Trabold

Data Theft Isn’t Just Virtual: How One Company Fills the Gap to Protect Data from Dumpster Diving Thieves, Home Business Magazine

“Unbelievable demand for live entertainment” With Adam Friedman, Thrive Global 


Less Than a Year of Executive Coaching Helped an Agency Grow 800% in Under Five Years

Tripling Revenue by Fixing Pain Points Enabled This Agency Owner to Launch a Non-Profit to Give Back

Niching-Down Led This 7-Figure Agency to 2X+ Growth

This Agency Owner Grew Retainers 34%… While Eliminating Work on Evenings and Weekends

This Agency Owner Doubled His Income—and Cut His Hours in Half—Starting with One Process Change

Stronger Employee Retention, Happier Clients, and Higher Owner Satisfaction


Employee Poaching: Keep Them Happy or Someone Else Will

Create a Custom Implementation Plan: Use My 10 Steps to Turn Your Agency’s Strategy Into Reality

How Much Should You Pay Yourself as an Agency Owner?

Track Your Agency's Performance With Just One KPI

Build Your Team of Advisors: Which 8-10 Roles Do You Need?

How to Add Upselling to Your Agency’s Bizdev Program

S.M.A.R.T Goals: How to Reach Your Agency Goals Faster!

Strategic Churn: Grow Your Agency by Replacing Bad Clients


A Gold Star Sister and Vietnam Veteran Daughter Share Their Greatest Gifts: The Men They Lost, May 25, 2017



Types of MBA Programs, October 2017 



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